Subscriptions in WooCommerce

Episode 6 May 26, 2021 00:38:17
Subscriptions in WooCommerce
eCommerce Unscripted: Mastering WooCommerce
Subscriptions in WooCommerce

May 26 2021 | 00:38:17


Show Notes

It’s all about subscriptions in today’s episode, a popular business model that’s seeing rapid adoption across the eCommerce world. Host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Nik McLaughlin, a GoDaddy Technical Account Manager, and Tabitha Turton, a GoDaddy Product Manager, to discuss the ins and outs of subscriptions. 

The panel shares statistics and anecdotes on subscription boxes, reasons behind cancelling subscriptions, media and content subscriptions, and streaming services. 

From there, they cover several strategies to help eCommerce businesses incorporate the subscription model and get the most out of it: adding WooCommerce Subscriptions to a site, using WooCommerce Memberships for a more robust subscriber experience, tiered subscription pricing, and subscriber retention techniques.  

Finally, in the Q&A, the panel addresses reasons why a store might see low conversions from advertising as well as the right scenarios to work on localization for a WooCommerce store. 

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Extensions and services referenced (* - included in the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Ecommerce bundle) 

WooCommerce Subscriptions* - 

WooCommerce Memberships* - 


Say What? - 

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Google Language Translator - 

Translating WooCommerce Memberships - 


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