eCommerce Unscripted: Mastering WooCommerce

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Learn to master WooCommerce (and eCommerce) from the team of experts at GoDaddy Pro and SkyVerge. Each episode, we dive deep on a different facet of eCommerce and give you the strategies, tips, ideas, extensions, and stats you need to grow your WooCommerce site (or your clients’ sites). Plus, GoDaddy’s resident WooCommerce experts share stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from their eCommerce adventures—and adventures as customers, too. Learn to build a better store for yourself or your clients and have a few laughs along the way!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Returns in WooCommerce

    Returns can be a major expense for all retail businesses—especially eCommerce businesses. In this episode of eCommerce Unscripted, we address all things returns. Host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Tabitha Turton, a GoDaddy Product Manager, and Marcus Burnette, a WooCommerce care team member for GoDaddy, to discuss product returns.  The panel shares statistics and anecdotes on just how ...


  2. Checkout flow in WooCommerce

    A solid checkout flow is a crucial step in getting customers to complete purchases—eCommerce businesses can improve conversion rate by more than one-third by optimizing checkout flow. In this episode, host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Simon Porter, a GoDaddy support engineer, and Léa Oriol, a GoDaddy product manager, to discuss checkout flow ...


  3. Personalization in WooCommerce

    The online shopping journey continues to become more personalized—leading to a better experience for customers and more lucrative results for merchants. In this episode, host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Tamara Zuk, a GoDaddy support engineer, and Benjamin Green, a GoDaddy support specialist, to discuss personalization with WooCommerce.  The panel shares statistics and anecdotes on good versus ...


  4. Nurturing customers in WooCommerce

    Customer nurturing is the essential process of turning leads into customers, customers into repeat customers, and repeat customers into brand advocates. In this episode, host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Léa Oriol, a GoDaddy Product Manager, and Simon Porter, a GoDaddy Support Engineer, to discuss customer nurturing.  The panel shares statistics and anecdotes on first-time buyers, ...


  5. Gift cards in WooCommerce

    Gift cards are really popular items among online shoppers, which is why selling them can be very lucrative for eCommerce stores. On this episode of eCommerce Unscripted, we take a deep dive into offering gift cards at a WooCommerce store. Host Sam Greenspan is joined by two WooCommerce experts: Ian Misner, the head of GoDaddy’s WooCommerce care team, and Erica Ross, a ...